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What is Cycling to Serve

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Cycling to Serve is an international Rotarian group dedicated to promoting cycling as an opportunity to undertake charitable activities. It has several thousand members, both Rotarians and supporters in France, Europe, North America, India, Australia, Russia, and other countries.

The objectives of the “Cycling to Serve” are:

  • Develop and promote friendship through cycling events around the world;

  • Raise funds through cycling events to finance local and international services.

Cycling to Serve has funded and supported many charity causes over the past 33 years, including funding for polio vaccinations around the world, funding for disease research, assistance to abused women‘s associations, support for early childhood programs, construction of a literacy campaign in India, purchase of equipment for European schools and hospitals. It funded clinics and allowed the construction of a hospital in Burundi, supporting people with disabilities, etc …

The great cycling events of Vladivostock-Amsterdam, Rome-Mecca and the Solo World Tour, have also supported many projects that promote world peace.

Finally, the “Ride-To-End-Polio-Now” event, organized by American Rotarian cyclists, has raised millions of dollars over the past eight years to fight polio.


What is the Rotary Club Siena Montaperti

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The Rotary Club Siena Montaperti was born in the territory of Siena but also widens to the beauties of the Chianti and Crete areas, thus its founders, former members of RC Siena, have succeeded to attract in the Rotarian world that part of the province of Siena which, although well-known and universally appreciated, it was not yet part of any Club.

The report of its Constituent Assembly is dated January 8th, 2015 and the official recognition by Rotary International promptly took place on January 21th with the release of the Charter by the pro-tempore President Gary C.K. Huang, from Taiwan.

However, District 2071 took two years before sharing the goodness of the project and bringing it to the attention of the international authorities. Only once the initial perplexities of Governor Gianfranco Pachetti were replaced by the enthusiasm of his successor Arrigo Rispoli, the initiative come to an end and was officially recognized. 

The RC S. Casciano – Chianti was designated as its sponsor Club and on March 2nd , 2015 the ceremony of the official delivery of the Charter by the Governor in office Arrigo was celebrated at his beautiful headquarters during a delightful evening with a lot of people.

At the time of constitution, the 22 founding members, as a sign of gratitude towards the promoters, wanted to confer the first presidency to Vincenzo Santoro, also based on his experience, having already held this position at RC Siena, and the presidency of following year to Sergio Mancini, his companion in the adventure and hence his natural successor.

In attributing the name “Montaperti” to the new Club, its founders not only wanted to refer to a place in the Chianti area but also to qualify, through the evocation of the famous battle, the particular spirit that had governed its Rotarian initiatives and its labarum that, made with the shadow of a warrior placed behind the wheel, is meant to be the right depiction.

The choice of the location within the Crete area and specifically at the “Castello di Leonina Relais” represents a prestigious and charming solution.

The Siena Rotarian family has now been enriched by a third brother, with the hope that in the future it will grow in the harmony and mutual esteem of all the members.